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Our new 战略计划 was developed through a highly inclusive process over a number 几个月来,从学生,教师和工作人员的输入和想法,以及我们的 many supporters out in the community, whether they were business leaders, union members, nonprofits, philanthropists, government officials, MCC alumni and retirees, the K-12 高等教育部门,以及其他许多部门.

我们的董事会在12月通过了这个计划. 最终的结果是“莫特·斯特朗”.”

Forward Together

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea照片
Dr. 贝弗利·沃克-格里菲亚,足球买球app院长

Mott Community College is a member of the Strategic Horizons Network (SHN), a unique, collaborative learning community with an agenda focused on organizational learning. The height of the SHN expertise lies in alternative futures, disruptive innovation, and strategies for transformation that lead to extraordinary performance and growth 在社区大学. 九所社区学院共同勇敢地重新构想 转变工作方式,确保我们服务的社区繁荣发展.

Strategic Horizons Network Presidents have become more self-aware of the continued racism, inequality, discrimination and hate that exists in their communities and throughout the nation, as well as the reality of 种族压力 and trauma that seeks to decimate 黑人和棕色人种的生活. 该网络认识到合作的重要性 在这种复杂的环境中,成员主席之间的协同作用可以产生影响 real and meaningful change and model deliberate efforts to create systemic inclusivity. 我们的理念是通过“挑战极限”来引领和创新.“为了这个目的,成员 总统们承诺将继续这一传统,义无反顾地站出来 solidarity against racism and the systemic biases of oppression that create discriminatory 交叉性模式. 总统们将花必要的时间进行自我反省 our respective personal biases, strategies, and environments in an effort to uncover hidden institutional fragility, while facilitating strategies that educate, enlighten, 改变个人的生活.

These unprecedented challenges require unconventional solutions that deliver positive student success outcomes leading to sustaining wages across cultures, ethnicities, genders, orientations, religions, age, disabilities, and veteran status, and income 种族平等. 足球买球app不会选择退出这项工作,而是 will commit to these actions in our 2022-2024 战略计划 through the strategies 概述了使该机构超越当前努力的措施:

  1. Denouncing racism and inequity in all aspects of the College and the communities we serve.
  2. Taking a strong public position against racism and inequity while working to build 促进公平、包容和种族正义的社区制度.
  3. 在不断追求根除系统性偏见的过程中感到不安.
  4. Pushing ourselves to create environments and strategies that close the achievement 学生成功的差距.
  5. Guiding and supporting all students to complete degrees and certificates that lead 到维持家庭生计的工资.
  6. 提供高质量的学术和培训经验,包括合作 与雇主一起建立公平的招聘结果和收入公平.
  7. Implementing innovative and unconventional tactics that create systems of inclusivity 提高学生的成功.
  8. Ensuring our College community policing practices are welcoming, bias-free, and reduce 种族压力.
  9. Hiring faculty, staff, and administrators that reflect the racial composition of the nation and provide an environment that prepares students to live and work successfully 在一个多元包容的世界里.
  10. Infusing inclusive and equitable experiences throughout the employee and student tenure that includes ongoing education, training, core curriculum requirements, activities, and events.
  11. Providing avenues for difficult conversations to occur that seek to bring about understanding 以及实质性的改变.
  12. Tracking our successes and failures with disaggregated data based on race that drives curriculum improvement and institutional changes leading to equitable and inclusive outcomes.

重申的 支持社会正义 来自世纪挑战集团董事会

In 2020, The MCC Council was formed with the purpose to maintain employee and student success at Mott Community College by strengthening policies, procedures, processes, 实践和行动与学院范围内的包容. 世纪挑战集团理事会促进系统 inclusiveness and ensures that the College’s strategic vision, mission, priorities and foundational beliefs are achieved through current policy, operations, and College actions.

In March 2021, The Council unanimously approved a measure to recommend to the Board, through the President, amendments to Board Policy 5814 (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) 这为公平和包容提供了更广泛的定义. 除了代表 学院的基本价值观,扩大定义的理由是 to further demonstrate the significance of equity and inclusion to College policy, 并强化这两个概念在多样性上同等重要的观念.

The 校董会 continues to embrace and prioritize its belief in DEI, recognizing the efforts of the College President, the Executive Cabinet, and the College’s faculty and staff, particularly the members of The MCC Council, for their conscious work to ensure that the College actively addresses the issue of social justice in education through the creation of teaching and learning environments that support all students 公平对待员工. 牛津词典对社会公正的定义是:“在 terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.”




Reaffirms its commitment to taking necessary and appropriate steps to dismantle barriers 确保所有人都能获得资源和机会. 董事会将 remain uncompromising in its support of providing students, employees, and the community at large a diverse, equitable, and inclusive college environment, which includes continuing 确保公民自由和宪法权利,以及


委员会欢迎内部确定的所有身份类别的机会 Board Policies 5200 (Equal Educational/Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Non-Discrimination), 5814 (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and 7008 (Student Success), with the understanding 这意味着建立一个充满活力的、知识分子的社区,提供和尊重 为所有个人提供广泛的想法和观点. 董事会批准和 与所有建设性地抗议种族主义、社会不公正和各种形式的人站在一起 不平等,并将继续促进和倡导包容,创造一个 在这样的环境中,每个人都因自己的身份和贡献而受到重视. The Board respects and values the differences in our students, faculty, staff, volunteers and community and fosters a welcoming environment of openness and appreciation for all.